Kanał: Szczecin


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  • Zdjęcia: Bartosz Semanycz, Arkadiusz Sielicki
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Many people say their hometown is a unique place. But Szczecin is really special. With a population of about four hundred thousand, the capital of West Pomerania covers an area of over 300 square kilometers. Half of this is green areas, and one quarter is covered by lakes and the Odra and Regalica Rivers. Undoubtedly, it is a city like no other in Poland or Europe. Get onboard a cruise boat on the Odra and several minutes later you will be enjoying the city's wonderful nature: tiny wild islands, a maze of channels of Międzyodrze, diverse tree species and extremely rare birds, including white-tailed eagles circling over tall trees. Along the Odra waterfront, a steep embankment is topped with an outstanding trio of a century old buildings, the only such urban complex in Europe. Today's Wały Chrobrego, or Chrobry Embankment, in the past was named Haken Terasse in honor of Szczecin's great mayor Herman Haken.


00:00:28 - 00:00:35
many people say their hometown is a unique place
but station is really special with a population

00:00:35 - 00:00:42
of about 400 000 the capital of west pomerania
covers an area of over 300 square kilometers

00:00:42 - 00:00:48
half of this is green areas one quarter is
covered by lakes and the other end regalia rivers

00:00:49 - 00:00:57
undoubtedly it is a city like no other in poland
or europe get on board a cruise boat on the audra

00:00:57 - 00:01:01
and several minutes later you will be
enjoying the city's wonderful nature

00:01:04 - 00:01:11
tiny white islands a maze of channels of menzioge
diverse tree species and extremely rare birds

00:01:13 - 00:01:20
including white-tailed eagles circling over
tall trees along the other waterfront a steep

00:01:20 - 00:01:26
embankment is topped with an outstanding trio
of a century-old buildings the only such urban

00:01:26 - 00:01:33
complex in europe today's vawa robrego or robber
embankment in the past was named hakken terrace

00:01:33 - 00:01:39
in honor of xin's great mayor hermann hacken
another unique feature of the heart of west

00:01:39 - 00:01:45
pomerania art nouveau and eclectic architecture
of the city center built in the late 19th century

00:01:46 - 00:01:51
the street layout resembles that in paris designed
by the famous urban planner george hausmann

00:01:52 - 00:01:59
luckily most of the stations modernist buildings
survived the chaos of world war ii two-thirds of

00:01:59 - 00:02:04
the city was turned into ruins almost all of the
surviving historical buildings were carefully

00:02:04 - 00:02:10
restored or reconstructed after the war including
beautiful tenement houses mansions and palaces

00:02:13 - 00:02:20
stretching is a city of freedom it was here in
december 1970 that polish workers put their lives

00:02:20 - 00:02:25
at stake fighting for dignity and freedom two
symbols of this fight commemorate the workers

00:02:25 - 00:02:31
protests the solidarity square and the statue of
the angel of freedom overlooking the undulating

00:02:31 - 00:02:38
square right below it the museum and center for
dialogue xiaomi or breakthroughs exhibits polish

00:02:38 - 00:02:45
road to democracy the venue won a world building
of the enterprise in 2016. this monumental site

00:02:45 - 00:02:51
neighbors an ultra-modern solid block of the
state in philharmonic hall winning the european

00:02:51 - 00:02:57
union's architectural prize in 2015 the building
with a zigzagging roof profile and a translucent

00:02:57 - 00:03:03
ripped glass facade instantly became a showcase
of modern stretching outstanding acoustics so

00:03:03 - 00:03:08
their concert halls and world class performers
attract music lovers from as far as berlin

00:03:13 - 00:03:18
the city has changed beyond recognition
a typical industrial hub became a higher

00:03:18 - 00:03:23
education center including chechen university
west pomeranian university of technology

00:03:23 - 00:03:27
pomeranian medical university and
several other institutions of higher

00:03:27 - 00:03:38
education stretching also counts on the
development of tourism three decades from

00:03:38 - 00:03:45
now the far-fetched idea of stitching the floating
garden 2050 will become a reality making the city

00:03:45 - 00:03:52
an exceptional leisure destination hundreds of
hectares of vegetation hills ponds lakes marina

00:03:52 - 00:03:58
spears and lovely coves our city's invaluable
assets already bringing tangible benefits

00:03:58 - 00:04:02
yes nebona square and casperovich park are
the jewel of chechens greenery with rare

00:04:02 - 00:04:08
trees alleys and an amphitheater these verdant
grounds neighbor the city center where modern

00:04:08 - 00:04:13
architecture mingles with the rows of buildings
constructed at the turn of the 20th century

00:04:29 - 00:04:35
no doubt vawa robrego is the city's showcase
a perfect example of the transformation

00:04:35 - 00:04:40
from a prussian stronghold into a modern
industrial city of the early 20th century

00:04:41 - 00:04:46
three massive edifices on top of a steep
embankment catch the eye of every visitor

00:04:47 - 00:04:52
the central one houses the national maritime
museum and the contemporary theatre the

00:04:52 - 00:04:56
enormous red brick building on the right
is the seat of westphalmeranian authorities

00:04:59 - 00:05:02
the three buildings were put up in the years 19 to

00:05:02 - 00:05:10
1916 on the site of demolished fort leopold
and other military fortifications stretching

00:05:10 - 00:05:14
had always been a stronghold that abandoned
its military character in the 19th century

00:05:15 - 00:05:23
today's vague robrego looks almost the
same as hack and terrace a century ago

00:05:28 - 00:05:32
an old fountain is adorned with
coats of arms of pomeranian towns

00:05:32 - 00:05:38
up on the terrace invincible hercules
is fighting a centaur on the left

00:05:38 - 00:05:43
stands the maritime university another
major institution of the academic chechen

00:05:44 - 00:05:49
one of the best maritime universities in europe
it educates domestic and foreign students

00:05:51 - 00:05:56
every year the inauguration of the academic year
has a special setting at the foot of auric robrego

00:05:56 - 00:06:02
and the other river in the background that's
one of the features of maritime stretching

00:06:02 - 00:06:05
seen in all his glory from
the historical hakken terrace

00:06:14 - 00:06:18
stretching despite the destruction of war
has quite a number of sightseeing locations

00:06:19 - 00:06:23
not far from valvo robrego stands
the most prominent cathodic church

00:06:23 - 00:06:30
saint james cathedral the temple overlooking
the city with its 119 meter spire is the

00:06:30 - 00:06:36
second tallest church in poland the cathedral
dates back to the 12th century wooden temple

00:06:36 - 00:06:39
its current shape faithfully
reflects its previous character

00:06:47 - 00:06:52
the interior features a 14th century
grave slab from saint auto church

00:06:52 - 00:07:01
a gothic altar and a baroque statue of saint
james a special place on the map of sechin

00:07:09 - 00:07:14
not far from the cathedral you will see another
equally fine antique building sent john the

00:07:14 - 00:07:20
evangelist church its construction back in the
13th century was initiated by the franciscans

00:07:21 - 00:07:26
in its turbulent history there was a
plan to demolish it but eventually it

00:07:26 - 00:07:33
was renovated in the early 20th century inside
the gothic graveslab of the robinstorp family

00:07:33 - 00:07:43
of 1378 and fragments of 15th century
polychromatic art epitomized the medieval past

00:07:47 - 00:07:53
close to saint james cathedral along the
riverfront road is chechin's old town recreated

00:07:53 - 00:08:00
in the 1990s it's been a unique project in
poland the pre-war foundations support new

00:08:00 - 00:08:07
tenement houses thus preserving the pre-war street
network the only historical building is the 15th

00:08:07 - 00:08:14
century city hall this seat of the city museum
is located at chennai market square the most

00:08:14 - 00:08:20
interesting part of the old town with a new twist
some of the buildings were faithfully reproduced

00:08:21 - 00:08:27
like the corner residence of berlin banker
abell originally built in the early 18th century

00:08:31 - 00:08:36
walking towards the pomeranian duke's castle
you will pass the fine 16th century lloyd's

00:08:36 - 00:08:42
family house initiated by mayor hans ii
lloyd's the mansion was given a form of a

00:08:42 - 00:08:53
renaissance burger's castle characteristically the
building is topped by a tower with oblique windows

00:08:56 - 00:09:01
today it's a home to an art school deloitte's
house is a few minute walk from the pomeranian

00:09:01 - 00:09:07
duke's castle a popular sightseeing location
till the griffith family extinction the castle

00:09:07 - 00:09:12
had been a pride of the duchy of pomerania
the city's life focused around the castle

00:09:12 - 00:09:16
cobblestone streets and houses of wealthy
townspeople emerged in the neighborhood

00:09:17 - 00:09:23
like kushnerska street remaining to this day
till the 16th century stretching was closely

00:09:23 - 00:09:28
related to the former republic then the town
and the castle were captured by the swedes

00:09:30 - 00:09:35
in the first half of the 18th century chechen
was bought out from the swedes by prussian king

00:09:35 - 00:09:38
frederick william the first for a
huge amount of 2 million dollars

00:09:39 - 00:09:45
the castle's renaissance character was rendered
in the 16th century the bigger main courtyard is

00:09:45 - 00:09:50
a venue of numerous concerts and art events
including the famous festival of tenors

00:09:53 - 00:10:00
built in 1693 the astronomical clock on the south
wing tower attracts attention of every visitor

00:10:02 - 00:10:05
as world war ii demolished most
of the magnificent residents

00:10:05 - 00:10:11
it took years to restore it today the castle
houses an opera art galleries and a theater

00:10:16 - 00:10:20
the white eagle square and adjacent
streets feature historical palaces

00:10:20 - 00:10:27
rebuilt and restored after 1945. the square has
one intriguing ornament a baroque statue of flora

00:10:28 - 00:10:31
roman goddess of flowers fertility and spring

00:10:42 - 00:10:47
the late baroque fountain is topped by a
royal eagle with outspread wings ready to fly

00:10:48 - 00:10:54
the fountain was launched in 1732 the
palace under the globe the seat of the

00:10:54 - 00:10:58
academy of arts is architecturally the
most interesting feature at the square

00:10:59 - 00:11:04
the neo baroque building was erected in the late
19th century on the site of the former palace

00:11:04 - 00:11:11
the birthplace of later empress maria fiodorovna
called the mother of zars her three sons went to

00:11:11 - 00:11:18
the throne of russia nearby on farna street stands
a house where empress catherine the great was born

00:11:20 - 00:11:25
you may stop at one corner of the white eagle
square to take a closer look at the former walt

00:11:25 - 00:11:30
house and palace currently home to a music school
this is jacin's most beautiful building bearing

00:11:30 - 00:11:37
baroque and classicist features an interesting
palace complex stands along the soldiers square

00:11:37 - 00:11:42
the former palace of pomeranian states
parliament today is the seat of the national

00:11:42 - 00:11:48
museum with a rich exhibition of pomeranians
history the palace was completed in 1729

00:11:50 - 00:11:54
the museum displays the unique
collection golden age of pomerania

00:11:54 - 00:11:58
and the marble statue of frederick
ii known as frederick the great

00:12:01 - 00:12:06
right across the street the palace under the
heads houses a gallery of modern art and the

00:12:06 - 00:12:13
artist's club of 13 muses in the old days the
prussian royal mail was a co-owner of the building

00:12:15 - 00:12:20
two baroque gates are reminiscent of the old
fortification the royal gate previously called

00:12:20 - 00:12:26
the angklam gate was designed in the 18th
century by gerhard cornelius von valrava

00:12:26 - 00:12:32
a prussian army officer and engineer the cartouche
on top depicts a prussian eagle in the royal

00:12:32 - 00:12:43
crown the port gate formerly called
brandenburg then prussian gate

00:12:43 - 00:12:51
was designed by the same architect
and built in the years 1725 17-27

00:13:02 - 00:13:07
this place in stretching deserves special
attention stretching's central cemetery is

00:13:07 - 00:13:13
one of its kind poland's largest necropolis
third in europe its vast area was laid out

00:13:13 - 00:13:19
at the turn of the 20th century wilhelm mayer
schwarz was the main architect of the necropolis

00:13:20 - 00:13:27
the neo-roman cemetery chapel was completed
in 1901 the cemetery's characteristic landmark

00:13:27 - 00:13:33
built on the plan of a greek cross the
chapel preserved its original pre-war shape

00:13:37 - 00:13:42
it faces a war graveyard of polish and
soviet soldiers who died during world war

00:13:42 - 00:13:48
ii the statue commemorating them represents
wings of polish hussars the cavalry

00:13:48 - 00:13:50
that defeated turkish army in the battle of vienna

00:13:58 - 00:14:04
numerous lapidaria comprise tombstones of
respected pre-war families davids meisters rhys

00:14:04 - 00:14:19
and a tomb statue of shachin's most famous mayor
hermann hakken the statue for those who have not

00:14:19 - 00:14:24
returned from the sea symbolically marks the final
resting place of seafarers who died away from home

00:14:29 - 00:14:35
there are also monuments to those who gave their
lives in world war ii such as the cutting cross

00:14:35 - 00:14:43
devoted to polish officers murdered in 1940 by
the soviets the cemetery is also an exceptional

00:14:43 - 00:14:48
park with more than 400 species of trees and
bushes from europe asia and north america

00:14:54 - 00:15:00
millions of voting candles create an amazing
view of the acropolis after nightfall

00:15:00 - 00:15:05
on all saints day in remembrance
of those who have passed away

00:15:06 - 00:15:12
the central cemetery is a place of memory and
reflection and an important testimony to the

00:15:12 - 00:15:25
city's history at night countless candles mix
with the lights of the pulsating modern city

00:15:38 - 00:15:41
architectural styles clash in this city

00:15:42 - 00:15:48
massive buildings of the prussian times mix
with modernist and socialist era buildings

00:15:48 - 00:15:54
the red town hall built in the 1870s as a seat of
the city authorities stands next to tobruk square

00:15:56 - 00:16:02
nearby you will come across the stately pomeranian
medical university building built in the early

00:16:02 - 00:16:09
20th century for stretching's administration the
medical university a pride of stretching science

00:16:09 - 00:16:13
is attended by students from many european
countries its achievements in the field of

00:16:13 - 00:16:25
genetics are known worldwide another short
walk towards the river and you arrive at

00:16:25 - 00:16:30
a huge complex of the former imperial post
today the local headquarters of polish mail

00:16:31 - 00:16:36
it looks like a fortress from the outside
in its immediate vicinity the central train

00:16:36 - 00:16:41
station is an interesting combination of
the pre-war and 21st century architecture

00:16:42 - 00:16:47
a starting point for trips to destinations
in poland and western europe stretching

00:16:47 - 00:16:52
is a city of open spaces modern buildings
punctual public transport and wide streets

00:17:02 - 00:17:07
victory square one of the city's hubs emerged
in the late 19th century after the stronghold

00:17:07 - 00:17:14
ceased to exist the garrison church represents a
neo-gothic style the church of the sacred heart of

00:17:14 - 00:17:19
our lord jesus exemplifies the modernist
architecture of the early 20th century

00:17:20 - 00:17:24
the two churches at victory square
are surrounded by art nouveau style

00:17:24 - 00:17:31
tenement houses characteristic of the city center

00:17:45 - 00:17:49
independence avenue one of the city's
most representative streets is lined

00:17:49 - 00:17:52
by modern offices as well as old architecture

00:17:52 - 00:17:59
the impressive red brick post office was
constructed in 1905 for the prussian royal mail

00:18:03 - 00:18:13
the prominent baroque classical style building
originally was the seat of a mordegage bank

00:18:14 - 00:18:20
a modern bank in bogorogista street stands
next to the church of saint john the baptist

00:18:20 - 00:18:23
one of the first catholic temples
constructed in pomerania after the

00:18:23 - 00:18:27

00:18:38 - 00:18:43
a large part of the station downtown features
eclectic and art nouveau architecture built on

00:18:43 - 00:18:49
the star-shaped layout of streets radiating from
roundabouts there are a few cities in europe

00:18:49 - 00:18:56
where urban solutions used in paris dominate
so visibly in pilot square or plaslotnikov you

00:18:56 - 00:19:03
can admire an old copy of bartolomeo colioni
statue created in 1913 for the chechen city

00:19:03 - 00:19:14
museum going along fountain avenue you can have
a rest in a cafe with surroundings abounding

00:19:14 - 00:19:20
with flowers and trees the statue of a seafarer
with a raised color marks one end of the avenue

00:19:20 - 00:19:25
the huntsman looks at the grunwald place or
place grundwalski a very paris-like part of

00:19:25 - 00:19:31
shechem every spring the inner edges of the
roundabout are lined with marvelous magnolias

00:19:31 - 00:19:38
a symbol of chajin's nature there are thousands
of magdolia trees all around the city the drone's

00:19:38 - 00:19:43
eye view perfectly shows the star-shaped street
layout and the beauty of artuvo architecture

00:19:45 - 00:19:50
from gronvald place john paul the second
avenue leads to just nebona and casprovich park

00:19:50 - 00:19:53
a white belt of greenery
adorned with flowers and trees

00:20:00 - 00:20:06
let us stop in front of the magnificently
restored multi-wing city hall after four year

00:20:06 - 00:20:12
reconstruction the opening ceremony took place in
1927. originally the city of pomeranian province

00:20:12 - 00:20:19
administration today the building houses
chechen city council and president's office

00:20:33 - 00:20:38
visitors to stretching usually begin sightseeing
at the center comprising the majority of modern

00:20:38 - 00:20:45
hotels offices restaurants shops and cultural
facilities the passim center a prominent landmark

00:20:45 - 00:20:50
in downtown stretching is a 100 meter office
tower with a cozy cafe 22 on the top floor

00:20:51 - 00:20:56
sipping coffee you can gaze at the city
panorama with a view of the port and lake dombia

00:20:57 - 00:21:01
the office building neighbors
the shopping mall galaxy

00:21:08 - 00:21:13
another site for a shopping spree in the heart
of the city galeria cascada is a short walk from

00:21:13 - 00:21:19
the passim center naturally the majority of big
commercial facilities are located on the outskirts

00:21:19 - 00:21:29
of shechem more than a dozen large shopping
centers or hyper markets sell everything you need

00:21:44 - 00:21:48
stretching's vast area with distinct
neighborhoods is crisscrossed by wide

00:21:48 - 00:21:53
transport routes providing quick access to
each housing estates enjoy rich vegetation

00:21:53 - 00:21:58
with occasional ponds and little lakes
diversifying the scenery perfect places

00:21:58 - 00:22:04
for active rest playgrounds and walking paths
around the lakes stretching noted a significant

00:22:04 - 00:22:11
increase in major investment projects after 2004
following poland's accession to the european union

00:22:17 - 00:22:22
the western and eastern banks of the other river
are spanned by several road and rail bridges the

00:22:22 - 00:22:29
castle route the city's main road was built in the
1980s driving east along the castle route you'll

00:22:29 - 00:22:35
enjoy a view of the port the public transport
efficiency has greatly increased owing to the

00:22:35 - 00:22:40
fast tramway line connecting the center with
distant housing developments east of the river

00:22:50 - 00:22:57
thanks to a6 and s3 highways the region's capital
has excellent transport links with berlin western

00:22:57 - 00:23:04
european central poland the eastern section used
to be called the bedroom community but today it

00:23:04 - 00:23:09
has all commercial and recreational facilities
cinemas shops restaurants and sport facilities

00:23:10 - 00:23:15
home to one hundred thousand residents of
stretching proverb zeja meaning right hand

00:23:15 - 00:23:21
the riverbank has three large estates myover
bookover and swanetchner it is good to settle

00:23:21 - 00:23:39
in stretching the city abounding in greenery west
pomeranian capital has a few big hospitals two on

00:23:39 - 00:23:46
the odras eastern side stroy hospital stands in
the immediate vicinity of housing developments a

00:23:46 - 00:23:52
few kilometers away on the edge of golaniu forest
is dunovo hospital continues its pre-war functions

00:23:53 - 00:23:57
next to the old buildings it operates an
ultra-modern lung transplantation ward

00:23:58 - 00:24:03
located in the heart of the forest the hospital
has its own intake of crystal clear water

00:24:07 - 00:24:11
on the other side of stretching two
other healthcare facilities are run

00:24:12 - 00:24:17
the west pomeranian oncological center

00:24:22 - 00:24:25
and the clinical hospital of the
pomeranian medical university

00:24:25 - 00:24:30
in una lubelska street annually
tens of thousands of patients

00:24:30 - 00:24:33
are provided with european standard
health care and medical treatment

00:24:41 - 00:24:48
station is proud of a new sports and concert hall
arena the three-story building can accept over

00:24:48 - 00:24:53
5 000 spectators and hundreds of cars
in the parking lot the arena azote is

00:24:53 - 00:24:59
a venue of basketball and volleyball games
music star concerts and other entertainments

00:25:07 - 00:25:13
the downtown olympic-sized swimming pool floating
arena hosted european swimming championships

00:25:26 - 00:25:31
stretching has always been a seaport and for
decades the seat of europe's major ship owner

00:25:31 - 00:25:38
polish steamship company successful operations
are run by the jointly managed ports of stretching

00:25:38 - 00:25:42
and funoistia a number of specialized
shipyards and firms cooperating with

00:25:42 - 00:25:47
shipbuilding facilities across europe in the
early 21st century city authorities recognized

00:25:47 - 00:25:53
the development of science and high technology as
the main goal shushing has become an academic city

00:25:55 - 00:25:58
technology park offers career
opportunities to young people

00:25:58 - 00:26:09
intending to establish their own startups develop
small firms and implement modern technologies

00:26:15 - 00:26:19
21 state-owned and private institutions of
higher education are attended by more than

00:26:19 - 00:26:25
60 000 students from all over poland and abroad
the university of chechen is the largest one

00:26:26 - 00:26:31
after the 1989 political transformation many
buildings were taken over by universities and

00:26:31 - 00:26:36
academies stretching university moved its
faculties of economics and the humanities

00:26:36 - 00:26:43
to a building that was to be a printing house
another faculty of economics in miscavige street

00:26:43 - 00:26:47
is situated in two buildings
one new the other relatively old

00:26:47 - 00:26:53
architecturally interesting building put up
in 1914 for the institute of deaf mute persons

00:27:00 - 00:27:04
of the newly built academic facilities the
state-of-the-art nanotechnology center is

00:27:04 - 00:27:10
part of the west from iranian university of
technology known as zoot after merging with

00:27:10 - 00:27:14
the academy of agriculture zoot raised
the quality of academic life in the city

00:27:15 - 00:27:19
graduates are specialists in power
engineering robotics chemistry

00:27:19 - 00:27:24
architecture or information technology with good
prospects for successful careers in poland and

00:27:24 - 00:27:33

00:27:48 - 00:27:53
a drone's eye view perfectly shows the beauty
of the city in its various parts the green areas

00:27:53 - 00:27:59
and water reservoirs cover in total two-thirds
of stretching area jaromsky park between the

00:27:59 - 00:28:04
shopping complex and vava robrego before the war
was resident's favorite place to walk and rest

00:28:05 - 00:28:11
today jasnebonia square and kaspovich park
are more appealing this belt of greenery

00:28:11 - 00:28:16
starts behind the city hall and runs along
a tree-lined alley and a lake on one side

00:28:28 - 00:28:33
you will pass a statue of saint john
paul ii then the statue of paul's deed

00:28:34 - 00:28:38
three powerful eagles spreading their
wings symbolize three generations of

00:28:38 - 00:28:43
stretching inhabitants who after world
war ii created the new face of the city

00:28:49 - 00:28:52
yes nebone is adorned with
tens of thousands of flowers

00:28:52 - 00:28:58
including crocuses blossoming in spring a special
place on the map of west pomeranian capital

00:29:03 - 00:29:09
the kasparovic park trail designed in 1900
runs across 50 hectare area walking the main

00:29:09 - 00:29:15
alley into the park you will reach a hilltop
offering a lovely view of lake rusauka whose

00:29:15 - 00:29:21
shores are spanned by an old bridge kilometers
long park alleys feature many rare tree species

00:29:22 - 00:29:26
this is an excellent place to
commune with nature and rest actively

00:29:27 - 00:29:34
it takes a few minutes to get from lake lusaka to
the rujanka in the 1930s one of the biggest rose

00:29:34 - 00:29:40
gardens in europe the garden has regained its
former glory and new flower beds with thousands

00:29:40 - 00:29:46
of new roses other interesting plants are tree
species american hornbeam and amor cork tree

00:29:52 - 00:29:56
arkonski forest a natural extension of
casperovich park is a popular leisure destination

00:29:56 - 00:30:02
mainly for those who prefer cycling or jogging
in the network of forest paths surrounded by

00:30:02 - 00:30:07
the forest an upgraded public swimming pool
arconca in summer attracts the whole families

00:30:12 - 00:30:16
only a minute to ride and you reach
another frequented summer recreation spot

00:30:16 - 00:30:22
lake meaning deep the first record
of the lake dates back to the 12th 66

00:30:22 - 00:30:27
with a sandy beach of four sunbathers it is
also an attractive location for water sports

00:30:28 - 00:30:32
the lake is surrounded by forests
hiding stately pre-war mansions

00:30:32 - 00:30:37
arkonski forest and the area around lake
when bokeh make up the city's green belt

00:30:43 - 00:30:47
varshevo hills is another verdant zone
of forests ponds and lakes lying in the

00:30:47 - 00:30:55
northern part of the city surrounded by shinesky
forests to the north the observation tower offers

00:30:55 - 00:31:03
views of the entire neighborhood parashava was
incorporated into the city perimeter in 1939

00:31:08 - 00:31:12
moving east from bolshevik hills
towards the odd river waterfront

00:31:12 - 00:31:20
let's take a closer look at former bismarck tower
today called godsworth tower built in 1921. 25

00:31:20 - 00:31:25
meters above the ground you will see a spectacular
view of the city its hills waters and marinas

00:31:31 - 00:31:36
going from the tower along the ottawa river
you may head to the downtown boulevards area

00:31:36 - 00:31:41
a convenient place to stop there are
numerous cafes and bistros cruise boats

00:31:41 - 00:31:44
taking visitors on a trip around
the port of the means georgia area

00:31:45 - 00:31:49
tourist friendly odra boulevard runs
as far as the main train station

00:31:49 - 00:31:59
on hot summer days it's an excellent sidewalk
to stroll along and enjoy the cool of the water

00:32:06 - 00:32:12
over the long bridge one of the main gateways to
the city you will get to the local rowing club

00:32:12 - 00:32:17
located on an eyelet facing the railway station
it is joined with the mainland by a small bridge

00:32:23 - 00:32:27
let us leave the downtown
area to explore men's odds

00:32:27 - 00:32:33
a tranquil area between the odra and its branch
regolita an awesome maze of small channels

00:32:33 - 00:32:39
and passages habitats of rare birds and rich
vegetation virtually unspoiled by human activity

00:32:40 - 00:32:45
although cruise boats reach some of these
retreats to search for the most mysterious spots

00:32:45 - 00:32:55
you'd better set out in your own boat tourists
may also relax at the devoclage baiting place

00:33:00 - 00:33:04
means oj is a real paradise for
anglers and wildlife observers

00:33:05 - 00:33:09
from the regaliza bank a lucky
angler can catch a big sheet fish

00:33:10 - 00:33:17
the ordinance channel among countless islets and
passages is an oasis of silence wildlife and pure

00:33:17 - 00:33:23

00:33:28 - 00:33:34
the banks of the other and regaliza rivers are
spanned by many bridges but one is unmatched this

00:33:34 - 00:33:40
is a railway power driven drawbridge the only
such structure is still in service in europe

00:33:40 - 00:33:44
it was the site of a movie nominated
for an oscar award in 2004.

00:33:48 - 00:33:54
let us take a glance at one of chechin's
extraordinary bodies of water lake emerald

00:33:54 - 00:33:59
located on the session's eastern edge is hiding
among tall trees of bukova or beech forest

00:34:00 - 00:34:04
the unusual color of water is due
to high content of calcium carbonate

00:34:04 - 00:34:10
the water reservoir was formed from a former
chalk and milestone excavation the concrete

00:34:10 - 00:34:15
bridge is what remains of the railroad track that
connected the chalk mine with a nearby cement mill

00:34:16 - 00:34:21
the pit was flooded in 1925 naturally
evolving into a charming retreat

00:34:30 - 00:34:35
lake zombie the biggest water reservoir of the
seaport covers almost one-fifth of stretching

00:34:35 - 00:34:41
surface area it is poland's fourth largest lake
the only one where sea-going yachts can sail

00:34:42 - 00:35:01
the lake 15 kilometers long is surrounded by
forests numerous marinas and sailing club basis

00:35:05 - 00:35:10
when evening approaches the dusk slowly
falls on the castle and the whole city

00:35:10 - 00:35:15
while the sun sets behind the horizon
stretching takes on completely new colors

00:35:29 - 00:35:33
the lighted waterfront picturesque
houses restaurants and cafes of the

00:35:33 - 00:35:38
reconstructed old town the elevated massive
structure of the castle and the spired

00:35:38 - 00:35:43
saint james cathedral overlooking the
entire city stretching by night is charming

00:35:51 - 00:35:57
take another glance at the
cathedral and the white tigal square

00:36:00 - 00:36:05
the illuminated palaces in the baroque fountain
with the wide-winged eagle can be looked at

00:36:05 - 00:36:11
from the terrace of a nearby pizzeria

00:36:13 - 00:36:20
the nightlife commences in the downtown area in
the blinking lights inside the arena azoty hall

00:36:20 - 00:36:25
a rockstar's concert is going on or maybe an
exciting volleyball game or a musical for kids

00:36:38 - 00:36:42
visitors to the royal gate interior
at the prussian tribute square

00:36:42 - 00:36:48
may be just listening to jazz music at the weekend
the ultra-modern building of chechen philharmonic

00:36:48 - 00:36:53
hall is likely to be a symphonic concert venue
stretching after dark is still bustling with life

00:36:54 - 00:37:00
beautifully illuminated vava robrego welcomes
every tourist driving into the city center

00:37:00 - 00:37:04
it is an ideal place for a
romantic stroll in the evening

00:37:04 - 00:37:10
or a gourmet dinner in one of the restaurants on
the embankment valve roberto is an architectural

00:37:10 - 00:37:21
gem of west formulas capital a testimony
of great and proud past of this port city

00:37:26 - 00:37:30
in the spring and summer this outstanding
sight witnesses events embodying satan's

00:37:30 - 00:37:35
maritime character attracting thousands of
residents and tourists from poland and abroad

00:37:36 - 00:37:42
planning your future you may consider settling in
stretching an exceptional place in the heart of europe

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